For the past 30 years ATM (Arlington Typing & Mailing, Inc.) has been delivering premier transcripts to customers around the world. ATM's staff of highly qualified specialists have experience, education, and talents in many fields. This often enables us to match a job to a specific transcriptionist.

In an effort to obtain people with strong verbal skills, we screen our candidates meticulously. Our requirements are: excellent spelling and grammatical abilities as well as an extensive vocabulary and good comprehension. ATM leaves no stone unturned to produce an accurate transcript. We make every effort to obtain spellings of unfamiliar terms by utilizing the internet and our vast library of reference materials.

Another plus is our overnight service at no additional cost, as well as our own local(Boston) courier to deliver jobs - often times the same day.

Our company welcomes all jobs, large and small. We consider it a challenge to tackle difficult audios or technically challenging work.

We look forward to working with you!